Use an SEO A/B Testing platform for
a scientific approach to SEO.

DistilledODN allows you to test exactly which changes to your website will result in an uplift in traffic from search engines.

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What is an ODN?

ODN stands for Optimization Delivery Network. You deploy an ODN in front of any website platform in the same fashion as a CDN. Whereas a CDN aims to speed up your site, an ODN allows you to make design and SEO changes that may not be possible via your site. Furthermore, it allows you test these changes and measure the impact they have on organic search traffic.

Search focused Split Testing

Once deployed, DistilledODN will let you specify changes you wish to test on your site. It will then automatically make those changes to half of the affected pages (e.g. product pages) and, via analytics, allow you to precisely and concretely measure the impact of those changes.

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